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Renovation Vs New Build

Homeowners who need a house for an expanding family will need to choose between buying a new larger house in another Neighborhood or extending the existing house. Renovating and extending an existing house can be very expensive, but it can also be a very good investment in the long termĀ  for a growing family if it keeps them living in the neighborhood that they are happier. In any case renovated and extended house should be worth a lot more then the original smaller house.

In some cases the homeowner May elect to move out of the old house and to bulldoze it to the ground and build a completely new house, but this operation is generally ultra expensive and only viable economically if the old house happens to be in a Neighborhood of very expensive houses. In cheaper neighbourhoods it is much more sensible to renovate and extend.

One major advantage of renovating and extending an old house is that the character of the old house can still remain and be in keeping with the houses in the neighborhood, but the house can be significantly modernised making it much easier to 11 and obviously more spacious, and making it and virtually maintenance free for the long term. Typically I renovated house that is extended will also get a brand new roof and guttering and drain piping, and the weatherboards will be repainted right around the house. Internally the house we’ll get model Plumbing and electrical fittings, plus the new rooms and probably the older rooms will all get properly insulated including double glazing in the new areas and possibly older areas.

A newly renovated older house can be just as nice and warm to live in as a brand new house, but can have the advantage of being properly integrated into the neighbourhood and into the existing property, which may include a backyard and garage etc. Imagine the best builders Christchurch has to offer helping you build a lovely house like that.

While these types of renovations can take a long time to complete, in general if they have been properly designed the finished house will be worth a lot more than the original, and the investment will be a safe one for the homeowner.


New Technology and Climate Change

Our planets climate is changing, and this is due primarily to humans burning fossil fuels for energy. The world’s scientists are virtually unanimous in the agreement of the problem and its’ cause, and the world’s political leaders also virtually unanimous in their agreement about the problem and what needs to be done to fix it. The Paris climate agreement (to radically reduce the use of fossil fuels over the medium term) is a major achievement for all countries in the world, although unfortunately the president of United States has decided to pull out of this agreement.

While this might at first glance appear to be disastrous for the planet’s climate, in actual fact anything that the United States president does or doesn’t do it is likely to be irrelevant in the long term. The reason for this is the rapid and exponential advance of new technology that will radically reduce the world’s use of fossil fuels in the very short term. The exponential decrease in the cost of solar power means that coal and gas power plants are today largely uneconomic to build and even to run. Electric vehicle technology using batteries is now at a price point that makes it more attractive for buyers than vehicles based on internal combustion engines.

More importantly, autonomous driving technology when combined with the electric vehicles means that transport as a service will be viable within 1 to 2 years. The cost per kilometre for this emerging service will be only 10% to 20% over the cost of the equivalent Uber service, and only 20% to 50% of the cost of owning a vehicle.

The world’s internal combustion engine based vehicle manufacturing business is about to be drastically disrupted, and expert predictions are there no internal combustion engine cars will be sold after 2030. By this time all of the worlds coal fired power plants will be being retired, and the worlds oil output will it have dropped by at least 30%, leaving most of the worlds oil, gas and coal supplies stranded underground.

This massive reduction in the use of fossil fuels will cause a huge step change in the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, and will result in the most optimistic goals of the Paris climate agreement being achieved.